A Year of Hope and Recovery: Celebrating the First Anniversary of Rainford Hall


Rainford Hall, a country retreat offering treatments for poor mental health and addiction, has celebrated its one year anniversary of opening. CEO Darren Rolfe and Deputy CEO Steve Jones from Steps Together are pleased to announce that the hall has made a huge impact of the lives of many clients since opening last August 22.

In the past year, the centre has seen a vast number of individuals come through its doors to begin their journey of recovery. Those supported by Rainford Hall have experienced a wide range of treatments and therapies designed to aid their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as their addiction.

The 400 acres of land surrounding the facility includes beautiful gardens and countryside which provides a tranquil and calming environment for clients to relax and unwind. This has helped them to focus on their recovery and build a happier healthier life.

The support that clients have received from the dedicated team at Rainford Hall has been invaluable. Their commitment and dedication to helping clients through their journey has been paramount in enabling them to make lasting changes.

The results and feedback from the past year have been positive, with many clients expressing their gratitude for the help and support that they have received from Steps Together.

” The accommodation at Rainford Hall is outstanding and so is the food. The place itself is a very pleasant place to stay.” 

Former client, Andrew

” It was a life saving experience and all the staff and patients were instrumental in my recovery.” Paul

Former client, Paul

” Excellent organisation to work for! They really take care of their staff and their well being. ” 

Employee, Roberto


Rainford Hall is proud to have helped many people to become free from addiction and poor mental health, and continues to strive to provide the highest quality of care and treatment for its clients. The facility looks forward to another successful year, and to support even more clients with their recovery journey.

Picture left to right. Steve Jones Deputy CEO & Darren Rolfe CEO of Steps Together

Picture left to right. Steve Jones Deputy CEO & Darren Rolfe CEO of Steps Together

” One year ago, Rainford Hall opened its doors to those in need of help for poor mental health and addiction. Since then, our team has worked hard to provide the best support and care to our clients and their families. 

This milestone marks an important step in the journey to recovery for even more people. We are dedicated to helping those in need and providing them with the support and guidance they need to overcome poor mental health and addiction. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience and a safe environment in which they can heal and grow.

We are deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication from our colleagues at Steps Together. Without their unwavering commitment, Rainford Hall would not be the successful and vibrant service it is today. Their efforts have enabled us to provide an exceptional level of care to our clients and their families, and we thank them for their work.

We are looking forward to our year ahead at Rainford Hall. Our expert teams are committed to continuing the journey of recovery and wellbeing for even more people through an innovative and extended range of new services included outpatient therapy services, well-being support programmes for employers in our regions and launching our new exclusive property Fenny Bank Cottage on the Rainford Hall Estate – offering the perfect retreat for sober holidays, recovery reunions, specialist retreats or exclusive, bespoke individual treatment and accommodation for clients and their families.

We are excited to announce these new services, which will enhance the high levels of professional care and support at Rainford Hall Estate, and provide a real opportunity to offer our clients and many others with a unique range of extended services and a very successful future for many more years to come “

Steve Jones, Deputy CEO

If you’d like a free and confidential discussion with an expert treatment advisor at Steps Together please call 0330 175 7031 today, or visit www.stepstogether.co.uk , www.rainfordhall.com for further information.




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