Steps Together & The Katie Piper Foundation Launch New North West Partnership


Pictured from left to right is Deputy CEO Steve Jones, Gabi Rolfe, CEO Darren Rolfe, Jeremy Pilkington, Katie Piper OBE, Lady Kirsty Pilkington, Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside Mark Blundell, The Mayor Councillor Lynn Clarke.


The Katie Piper Foundation, dedicated to supporting people with burns and scars, has launched a new North West partnership with Steps Together, a leading UK health, wellbeing and addiction organisation. The Katie Piper Foundation will now offer its rehabilitation and scar management services for survivors of burns and traumatic scarring, at Steps Together’s North West retreat, the historic Rainford Hall.

The charity, along with their founder Katie Piper OBE, joined the team from Steps Together yesterday (4th July) as she officially launched the partnership at the stunning former ancestral home of the Pilkington family. The event was attended by Lady Pilkington and her two sons, Jeremy and David Pilkington.

Guests were welcomed by an opening speech from Katie followed by stories from the charity’s survivors, and former clients of Steps Together’s UK private treatment services. His Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Mr Mark Blundell, also spoke to give his support to the new partnership and the Katie Piper Foundation.

The Steps Together Group is a private residential and outpatient health, wellbeing and addiction service that provides luxury residential retreats in Merseyside, Leicestershire, and Nottingham. Steps Together at Rainford Hall, St Helens was launched in early 2022 and is set within a country estate surrounded by stunning gardens and woodland – making it the perfect environment for people to access tailored retreat programmes to help their recovery.

Deputy CEO of Steps Together, Steve Jones, said:

“Steps Together at Rainford Hall has partnered with The Katie Piper Foundation to offer improved, private, accommodation for their rehabilitation service for survivors of burns and scars. We are delighted to offer our support to this fantastic charity through our partnership. The support that they give to survivors is outstanding and it’s a real privilege that they’ve chosen for their rehabilitation base to be with Steps Together at Rainford Hall.”

Katie said:

“Our new home at Rainford Hall enables us to improve the facilities we offer to our survivors. The setting of Rainford Hall enhances our bespoke and holistic rehabilitation programme, in which we combine expert scar management therapy, psycho-social support and wellbeing activities – giving people who have suffered the absolute worst an opportunity to rebuild their lives after leaving the outstanding emergency and acute care of the NHS. We have supported 1000’s of survivors since the charity was formed and these new facilities will enable us to do even more. We are very grateful to the support of Steps Together in enabling this move.”

The Katie Piper Foundation was founded in 2009 by Katie after she was left with severe burns following an acid attack. It is dedicated to supporting individuals with burns and scars, both physically and psychologically.

On site at Rainford Hall are 19 guest rooms, a purpose built, fully equipped gym with a health and wellbeing spa and two beauty rooms. A full health and therapy programme is available for short stays or residential retreats. Steps Together was established in 2017 and provides a network of support and services to help transform the lives of those living with poor mental health and addiction. Survivors attending rehabilitation with The Katie Piper Foundation at Rainford Hall will stay in a cottage in the grounds.

Katie Piper Foundation can be contacted on 0300 365 0055 or at



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