Steps Together at Rainford Hall truly secures its place in the community with partnership initiatives!


With Rainford Hall being the former ancestral home to The Pilkington Family, it seems only right that The World of Glass and Steps Together at Rainford Hall go hand-in-hand. With many shared company values we very look forward to developing some great friendships within The World of Glass.

Within the hall a dedicated showcase space has been designed to display the artwork for Pilkington Glass Collection, including commissioned pieces from local artists and handmade artisan glass art curated by The World of Glass. This also allows our clients to purchase if they wish to do so. With Steps Together working with local communities we strongly believe we can help each other to thrive.

Peter Frost, Executive Director at The World of Glass

“The World of glass has been at the heart of the St Helens community since its creation in 2000. For years we have been the bridge that has helped make links between culture, heritage and community. Our collaboration with Steps Together was a natural one as we share so many of the same values.

In Steps Together we found an organisation that was forward thinking but community minded at the same time. And we found an organisation that appreciated the need to understand heritage in order to grow. We have enjoyed the Rainford Hall location too.

If you’d like to speak to a professional treatment advisor please call 0330 175 7031 today or leave us a message on our enquiry form here.

As one of the ancestral homes to the Pilkington family there was a natural affiliation with our museum. The way in which you have preserved the treasures of the hall while inviting in the community has been wonderful to see.

We hope the links we have made with Steps Together get stronger over the years and we look forward to seeing the difference you make to your clients and to the town of St Helens.”

For further information about The World of Glass please visit

If you’d like to speak to a professional treatment advisor please call 0330 175 7031 today or leave us a message on our enquiry form here.

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