Since opening the doors at the Rainford Hall Estate

Since Steps Together at Rainford Hall opened the doors in August, we are proud and privileged to have helped over 40 individuals, along with their loved ones achieve lasting change and freedom from the devastating effects of addiction.

With a professional and welcoming team of highly qualified Therapists, Psychotherapists, Clinicians and Healthcare Workers on hand to help deliver of a range of effective individual and group treatment programmes to help reset, reframe and recover.

Our Approach at Steps Together 


Once our clients have reached out and connected with us, they reset everything they have done before – tomorrow is a new day, a new start. Our clinical detoxification programme offers our clients the safest and most comfortable opportunity to stop using alcohol or drugs and creates the perfect opportunity to RESET – Find out more about our Clinical Detoxification here


Our extensive range of therapy services work closely with our clients to help change focus or perspective by looking at presenting, or thinking of things (beliefs, ideas, relationships, etc) in a new or different way in order to change behaviour for a better life. Find out more about our Therapy Programme here


The road is a long one but with the help and support from Steps Together, our clients and their family are not alone and we will get through this … together. Our range of ongoing outpatient and aftercare services are perfectly designed to help everyone secure lasting recovery from addiction. Find out more about our Outpatient and Aftercare services here

If you’d like to speak to a professional treatment advisor please call 0330 175 7031 today or leave us a message on our enquiry form here.

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