Rainford Hall & James Roberts Interiors

The highly acclaimed James Roberts Interiors of Chester has worked alongside the Steps Together group to successfully safeguard the original features within the Rainford Hall Estate.  With a design and restoration programme to bring the vision of breathing life into this beautiful venue with a sympathetic and forward-thinking transformation of upgrades and refurbishments.

“Transforming the historic Rainford Hall from its previous use as office accommodation for over 20 years, into a property that truly created an environment that echoes Steps Together’s core values was never going to be an easy task. In our search for the perfect Interior Design Artist, it was essential that their own company values resonated with those that Steps Together hold dear, and could transform this amazing, intricate building, into the safe, welcoming and homely retreat that we wanted our clients to experience when joining Steps Together at Rainford Hall.

James, and his team overwhelmingly understood this brief and the nature of our service from day one – giving us confidence that our vision for this property was not only understood, but adopted with passion and a real commitment to the health and wellbeing of our clients. James Roberts Interiors, have embraced and gone beyond a traditional interior design contract to ensure that this challenging project was a huge success, and we are proud of the most amazing environment for our clients – who can now enjoy the start of their sustainable journey to a healthier life”

Steve Jones – Deputy CEO of Steps Together

“First and foremost we love what we do. As designers, whilst we are mindful of trends, we are not led by them.  We believe a space is a problem to solve, not a box to decorate.  In addressing this it is essential we understand the needs of our clients (the known and not yet known), we follow our creative process, journeying to the heart of the problem and returning with elegant and tailored design solutions.  These are our core beliefs.

Whilst we have qualifying criteria for taking on projects, at the end of the day we love to work with lovely people, on projects that give us a sense of contribution and on projects which people really care about. The Rainford Hall brief was a ‘home run’.  In one initial meeting we knew not only did we want to work on this project, but we believed we could deliver an interior that would give the Steps Together team a jewel in their crown.  St Helens too was an inspiration as we felt in this community great pride, for heritage, the Pilkington family and by default the Rainford Hall Estate.  Meeting Lady Pilkington for the first time we understood the responsibility we had taken on, making a former family home, a home again for everyone.  It really has been a pleasure working on the Hall and in this community.”

James – James Robert Interiors



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