Rainford Hall & Elephant Collective

Elephant Collective started in 2012 with Elephant Coffee in Neston with the objective of bringing a “city living coffee shop culture” to the small town. Since then they have invested heavily in the local area, opening Elephant Lounge & Bar in Parkgate, and Elephant Bank restaurant in Neston.

Elephant Collective offer a range of family run, community entrenched coffee bar and restaurant services. In 2022, this home grown business grew to develop its own (employee owned and operated) ethical and sustainable coffee roasting business.

Working closely with Steps Together at Rainford Hall, our two organisations have developed an exciting, and delicious range of coffee blends especially for Rainford Hall – now providing our clients with their own unique range of Rainford Hall coffee blends to enjoy at breakfast, in the privacy of their own room, or in company of other clients.

All of the coffee products for Rainford Hall, are carefully made to ensure an environmentally sustainable range of coffee pods and own blend ground coffees, with beans sourced from some of the world’s most ethical growers.

One of our core values at Steps Together is “Stronger Together” and by supporting local communities we can help those around us to grow. We believe Elephant Collective share many of the core values as Steps Together in offering a place for the community to come together and relax, enabling those to achieve a greater health and wellbeing.

“We are very community minded and we believe that it is so important to provide a social hub for our community to meet, socialise, do business and relax. We believe in “Al fresco spaces”, and “taking over the pavements” with the hustle and bustle that our coffee swilling customers create in their wake! Coffee is “a way of life for us” (sorry for the cliché!) and so it felt like a natural expansion to open our very own Elephant Roastery in the town that we love.

We have been lovingly restoring another beautiful building in the town centre and it’s almost ready! We will be importing green beans from around the globe and roasting our very own house blend as well as some exciting speciality blends. Our roasting will be done on full show so our customers can pop in and experience a true bean to cup experience.

We are  excited to be working  with Steps Together, by providing the stunning Rainford Hall with our Elephant Pods for the Nespresso machines that will be available for residents  staying in the luxury guest rooms.

And we are also working on a bespoke menu of delicious blends to supply as cafetiere coffee for the breakfast menu in the dining hall”

Emma & Billy – Elephant Collective




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