Meet the team – Neil


Neil enjoys meeting new clients and working alongside his colleagues at Rainford Hall. He enjoys getting to know people, learning about their culinary preferences, and helping them find joy in a good quality meal. He also loves the challenge of creating dishes that surprises and delights our clients. He’s proud to be part of a team that serves up delicious meals and strives to provide excellent service to all of its guests.

Neil – Chef

“I’ve had experience working in similar rehab facilities, 4 star hotels and 2aa Rosette restaurants. I live nearby to Rainford Hall, it’s a great location! The position provides good work-life balance”

Since working at Rainford Hall, Neil has presented a homely and nutritionally balanced food offer, that is current and responsive to our clients needs. The catering team as a whole have created the most social, homely and comfortable dining experience for each of our clients.

Meet the team at Rainford Hall 




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