Meet the team – Gill


Since working at Rainford Hall, Gill has presented a homely and nutritionally balanced food offer, that is current and responsive to our clients needs. Gill and her catering team have created the most social, homely and comfortable dining experience for each of our clients.

Hospitality offers many different opportunities with no two days ever being the same, which is part of the appeal for Head Chef Gill. Alongside her amazing catering team, Gill enjoys the freedom she has to manage her team and to develop new menus.

Having worked in the catering world for 30 years, Gill has mastered how to become a team player, providing a fun and enjoyable kitchen to work in…as working in a kitchen isn’t always easy!

Gill – Head Chef

“My catering team know the importance of providing our clients with food they look forward to having, and for them to thoroughly enjoy it. The foods we offer are locally grown and sourced wherever possible. Changing daily we are offer a varied menu with British and overseas cuisine, which includes vegetarian and vegans meals.

Our catering team also ensures our internal and external environment is well maintained and demonstrates a homely, clean and safe welcome, it’s great Rainford Hall has achieved a five-star food hygiene rating, giving our clients further confidence that our business operates safely and meets all the relevant guidelines”






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