Meet the Team – Debbie

Debbie has many years experience of her own personal recovery journey and is passionate about supporting clients and their loved ones to find a new way of living, a life free from addiction!

Working closely with the Steps Together’s professional therapy team, Debbie ensures that our programmes and counselling services remain responsive and dedicated to helping our clients and their families.

Debbie is qualified with distinction in the counselling and treatment of addiction, and also is a member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP). Debbie ensures Steps Together’s extensive inpatient and outpatient therapy services remain dynamic and responsive to the varying needs of our client groups and the changing demands in addiction treatment.


“I have worked in the field of addiction since 2014, and my own passionate interest in addiction stems back over 20 years. I love helping people find their recovery, dignity and self-respect again, and love working closely with families to rebuild, repair and renew their lives”

Debbie has developed a unique range of individual private therapy programmes, and works hard with our therapy teams to ensure these are available and tailored to all our clients and their loved ones, ensuring that ongoing treatment and support is available and constantly finding and adapting new methods that will help our clients secure lasting recovery.

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