Meet the team – Ann

Ann’s role as an Administration Officer helps the facility to manage and coordinate various tasks and operations throughout the hall. Ann is responsible for the smooth running of the day to day, maintaining records, managing paperwork, organising schedules, and coordinating with other departments . She also play a vital role in maintaining communication between our clients, employees and management team. 

Ann- Administration Officer

” Before this role I was the Finance Manager for an Adult Education Training Provider, my role now at Steps Together is as Finance/Administration Officer within the Administration Team.

I wasn’t really looking for a new venture at the time but something about Steps Together fired my interest. I chose to work for Steps Together because I like the ethos of the Company and values it represents, it just felt right.

I really enjoy the staff comradery; we support each other, we share a mutual bond with the clients. The property and the surrounding land are amazing, it’s a great place to work and
helps to rebalance your mental health.”

Meet the team at Rainford Hall 




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