Marsden & Whittle


One of the region’s most upcoming brands in the world of Room Fragrances, and exquisite perfumed body care products, Marsden & Whittle are truly established on traditional family roots.

Established by founder Matthew Weaver, the inspiration for this brand was wholly inspired by Matthews Grandparents, whose love of exquisite scents and fragrances inspired Matthew to create his new company.

Matthew and his team, have worked carefully alongside Rainford Hall’s passionate housekeeping department, to to develop an unique blend of Room Scents and Bathroom Personal Care Products, that emulate the very essence of Rainford Hall Estate – boasting seasonal fragrances that capture the very essence of nature, bringing the tranquillity of the outside in, and ensuring a range of seasonal fragrances, that echo the homely comfort and luxury sanctuary of Rainford Hall.


“The power of scent is something that we, at Marsden & Whittle, are incredibly passionate about. We understand how scent can transport you to a faraway place in an instant, connect you with old memories and evoke strong emotions.

Founded in memory of sweethearts Maurice Marsden & Pricilla Whittle, we are a family-run home fragrance business, based on the Wirral peninsula. We are delighted to be working with Steps Together and using our scenting expertise to design a fragrance scheme for their St Helen’s retreat, supporting the recovery of patients at Rainford Hall.

Taking inspiration from the heritage of Rainford Hall and the Pilkington family, we have carefully selected a collection of fragrances that are welcoming, calming, and relaxing that compliment both the iconic hall building and picturesque estate grounds.

With their heritage, links to the community and family-led values, working with Steps Together at Rainford Hall seemed like a natural partnership with us at Marsden & Whittle. We look forward to growing our relationship with Steps Together over the years to come and aiding in the recovery of their clients through the power of fragrance”




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