Local artist Andrew Johnson donates £700 to The Katie Piper Foundation


If you’re looking for a unique and innovative artwork, look no further than Andrew Johnson. Andrew currently has his beautiful artwork displayed at Rainford Hall in St Helens, which is enjoyed by many staff and clients who stay with us. As a local artist, Andrew Johnson has made a name for himself by displaying his artwork at numerous exhibitions and in high end magazines.

As well as sales made locally in St Helens he’s also sold to clients in Singapore, The USA, France, Canada and Switzerland. His style of painting, which predominantly uses thick acrylic paints, has become increasingly popular and has changed the way people think about acrylic paints.

Not only does Andrew Johnson use acrylic paints for his artwork, but he also hand sculpts and paints 3D flowers, leaves and tree bark to add extra dimension to his originals. When seen in real life, Johnson’s artworks are held in great esteem and have even converted some oil painting fans!

Recently, Andrew Johnson brought his artwork to the launch of Steps Together at Rainford Hall new partnership with The Katie Piper Foundation, Andrew sold three pieces of his artwork and kindly donated £700 to the charity.

At Rainford Hall, our clients have the opportunity to purchase an original piece of Andrew Johnson’s art. Each piece comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity from Johnson himself. And, due to Johnson’s competitively priced and affordable artworks, customers can benefit from his unique and innovative artwork.

Andrew Johnson

“I am proud to say that I am able to price my artworks at a rate that still does my work justice, whilst also pleasing the people making an original, bespoke investment. I also use the highest quality materials and any framed pieces have been framed professionally using luxury, construction processes.

These are exciting times for me. I have appeared in high society magazines and my work has included large commissions for clients. Having also made sales to Singapore, The USA, France, Canada and Switzerland to name just a few locations internationally and I’m pleased that my work is reaching out to people on a big scale.”

If you’re in the St Helens area, be sure to check out Andrew Johnson’s artwork. For more information, please visit https://www.andrewalanart.com/ or follow @artofandrewajohnson on Instagram.




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