Can a Family Intervention help you?


What is a Family Intervention?

A family intervention is a carefully planned approach to challenge your loved one who is experiencing difficulty with alcoholism or substance misuse. Interventions are usually held by an intervention specialist or a qualified counsellor.

During the intervention families and the person holding the intervention will gather together and confront your loved one about the consequences of their ilness, and ask them if they’re willing to accept treatment for addiction.

Family Interventions will help families to:

  • Work through the disease of addiction, understanding more about it and ways to achieve and maintain long-term recovery
  • Gain support and therapy in their own right, and learn how to best support their loved one in their recovery journey
  • Explore thoughts, feelings and behaviours that the family find most difficult to cope with, and identify new strategies to help resolve these issues

Our Family Intervention Service is designed to offer clients and their loved ones private weekly therapy sessions with a professional qualified counsellor.  Creating the perfect space for families to openly discuss and explore their feelings, an opportunity for the whole family to work through issues and plan a future, free from addiction. We think family members play a key part and a well-supported family can make all the difference during recovery from addiction.

It’s never an easy journey for most addicts and loved ones, and sometimes the road can get bumpy. Building up years of lost trust and confidence in each other takes time and is essential to ensure that the whole family can repair the devastating damage caused by drug or alcohol addiction.

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